Conference Information

The ITS-THIN project will host an international conference on Membrane Science in Corfu, Greece, from 20 September to 22 September 2023. It will not only feature the presentation of project results and talks by invited experts but is also open for participation by scientists working in this field.

Programme & Speakers

Please have a look at the conference programme:

The conference will feature three keynote presentations, given by international experts in the fields of membrane science and water treatment technology.

Mihail Barboiu
Mihail Barboiu received his PhD in 1998 from the University of Montpellier before spending 2 years as post-doctoral researcher with Prof. Jean-Marie LEHN at the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg. He is CNRS Research Leader at the Institut Europeen des Membranes in Montpellier and Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry. A major focus of his research is Dynamic Constitutional Chemistry toward Dynamic Interactive Systems: adaptive biomimetic membranes, delivery devices etc. Author of more than 300 scientific publications, 3 books and 25 chapters and 420 invited conferences and lectures, Dr Barboiu has received in 2004 the EURYI Award in Chemistry and in 2015 the RSC Surfaces and Interfaces Award for the development of artificial water channels.
Bruce Hinds
Professor Bruce Hinds researches nanostructures and nanoscale fabrication, such as electronics fabrication at the molecular level and novel technologies for nano-lithography. He has received an NSF Early Career Award, Presidential Early Career Award, and a Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellowship from the National Academy of Science.
Professor Hinds has a formal and research-based background in chemistry and electronic device processing. His bachelor studies were in Chemistry at Harvey Mudd College in California (1991). His Ph.D. work (1996) was on the MOCVD growth of high temperature superconductors at Northwestern University (Tobin Marks, NAE, NAS). He went on to post-doctoral research at NC State Physics to study the interface states in the Si/SiO2 system (Gerry Lucovsky). He then received an NSF-JSPS  “Dramatic nano-fluidic properties of carbon nanotube membranes as a platform for protein channel mimetic pumps.”
In 2001 he joined the faculty of the University of Kentucky to start a research program for functional materials at the nm-scale. In particular, his research group is trying to produce nano-scale materials that can mimic natural process for applications ranging from health care, energy storage/generation and water purification. In July 2014 he moved to University of Washington MSE department.
Martin Meinardus
Martin Meinardus is an industry expert from Grünbeck Water Treatment, a company specializing in water treatment solutions.

Venue & Accomodation & Costs

The conference will be hosted at the Divani Corfu Palace Hotel (
Special room prices for ITS-THIN delegates have been arranged with the hotel at

Room for Single use€170 per night
Room for Double use€210 per night

Extra: €3 room tax per room per night will apply, payable by guest at the hotel upon check-out.

The conference fee is €170 for all participants (except invited), collectable on site in Corfu.


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