The following work packages are part of ITS-THIN:

WP 1: Fundamentals of water transport in nanoconduits

Fundamentals of water transport in nanoconduits is establishing fundamentals of water/materials transport through nanoconduits for a rational design of superior carbon-based separation membranes. Tasks include transport experiments, modeling, structure determination and structure-properties relationships.

WP 2: CNMs and composites

CNMs and composites aims for an improved materials design of CNM-composites, the optimization of CNM fabrication, functionalization and upscaling.

WP 3: Systems and semi-pilots

Systems and semi-pilots works on theintegration of CNM-composites in modules, and the development and functional demonstration of lab scale and semi-pilot systems for functional demonstration.

WP 4: Evaluation of field applications

Evaluation of field applications will demonstrate i) low-pressure water polishing in ultrapure water production and ii) high-purity forward osmosis driven cold-concentration applicable in the food & beverage and pharma segments.